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Betrayed by his wife, Abou Diaby tells his shocking story

Betrayed by his wife, Abou Diaby tells his shocking story
Betrayed by his wife, Abou Diaby tells his shocking story

The honeymoon between Abou Diaby and his wife only lasted a few months! In an interview with the host of the show “En Tout Intime”, Senegalese reality TV star Abou Diaby told his story with his wife who allegedly cheated on him with several men.

“She cheated on me with several men for several months before and after the wedding! This woman who was praying with me… You have to see the hypocrisy. One day, I wake up suddenly and I go to see in his blocked Snapchat accounts”confesses the sports coach.

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Abou Diaby to continue: “I see there are 6 guys stuck. I contact one. I fall from 10 floors (…) He sends me evidence of my wife without a veil in a thong in a bed smoking a shisha with her lover wearing my ring on her finger”.

According to Abu Diaby, “She did practices with her lovers that she didn’t do with me, because it’s forbidden in religion (sodomy). During the period of abstinence before marriage, my wife was taken by her lovers, but from behind to remain pure. While during the month of Ramadan she had her greatest period of infidelity with filmed lovemaking. She let absolutely nothing show of her second life. In front of me was the virtuous, perfect, submissive and loving woman, until I searched her phone…”

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