Maxwell Chikumbutso didn’t invent a TV that works without electricity

Maxwell Chikumbutso didn’t invent a TV that works without electricity
Maxwell Chikumbutso didn’t invent a TV that works without electricity

The phenomenon of the moment is indeed Maxwell Chikumbutso. History circulates and persists on the web. A fake story of a Zimbabwean inventor defying the laws of physics with an electric car that never needs recharging. What is really happening? Is Sangulani Maxwell Chikumbutso really the author of all his inventions?

The information first appeared in April 2018 on, claiming that Chikumbutso “created an electric car… among other products through his company SAITH Technologies“. The story stated that because the automobile was built using “electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies”, the car would not need to be recharged. It reappeared this month on Facebook and is currently going viral.

Why Maxwell Chikumbutso is a hustler and didn’t create TV without electricity?

Currently, the website of Saith Technology does not take the user to a work site. When the user tries to access the site, the webpage says: “Non-existent, Domain not found

The man who allegedly invented this vehicle, Sangulani Maxwell Chikumbutso, first appeared in headlines around the corners of the internet in 2015. At the time, his company, Saith Technologies, held a “open daywhere he debuted his inventions and products, according to Zimbabwean technology news site Techzim.

South African news channel SABC Digital News also covered the event according to information from PoliticFact. All images on Saith’s Facebook and Twitter pages are from this event, as are all images of the inventions the company claims to have created. Neither account has been active since mid-2015.

Skepticism surrounding Chikumbutso’s inventions

All of Maxwell’s claims have already been met with equal parts adulation and ridicule. Popular fact-checking site Snopes found Chikumbutso’s claims about an electric car to be false.


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