Hogwarts Legacy: Exclusive quest, recipe… Different purchase bonuses depending on the platform!

While pre-orders for Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy have been open since August 25 at all stores and merchant sites, and the Collector’s Edition already seems out of stock at some retailers, I advise you to don’t rush too much into your purchase. Indeed, a lot of information concerning the purchase and pre-order bonuses was not communicated beforehand (during the reveal of the deluxe and collector’s editions) and it would be a shame to miss the exclusive quest on PlayStation for example or the Felix Felicis potion recipe! Let’s take stock right now.

Hogwarts Legacy: A side quest and a potion exclusive to the PlayStation version!

Yes, you read that right. When some fans rushed to buy their version of Hogwarts Legacy this Thursday, they were stunned to find that an exclusive quest was available in the list of purchase bonuses for PlayStation versions. If the game is not by no means a Sony exclusive, we must admit that from the beginning (state of play, trailers etc.), the company seems to have a monopoly on one of the most anticipated titles of 2023. Wouldn’t its price increase be timely? So, only if you buy Hogwarts Legacy on PS4 or PS5 (standard, deluxe or collector), you will get:

  • Purchase bonus : A exclusive quest (more details will be communicated soon, it is not at all about the quest to obtain the hippogriff contrary to what some other sites claim),
  • Pre-order bonus : A recipe for the potion of Felix Felicis. As in the Harry Potter books/movies, this potion allows the player to be lucky for a certain period of time and succeed in everything they do. Maybe on Hogwarts Legacy, it will increase the rarity of loots in chests for example?

Thus, there is no need to pre-order the game to obtain the special quest but it will be necessary to play on a PlayStation with a physical or digital version.

Were you eagerly awaiting the reveal of the Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition? Many fans too, but they are now extremely disappointed with the quality and content of this €300 premium box… And for good reason!

Concerning I’Onyx Hippogriff, this is a pre-order gift common to all versions: Standard, Deluxe, Collector and regardless of the chosen platform. A quest will actually be available in the game, during the main adventure, in order to unlock the possibility of riding the creature and obtaining it.

The other platforms completely neglected?

Not to mention the Nintendo Switch which is not even entitled to its release date or a Collector’s version, it should be noted that neither the Xbox One/Xbox Series and PC versions will have exclusive bonuses with the purchase or on pre-order. In any case, we have no information on this subject for the moment and the only additional bonuses that may currently exist are those of merchants who can offer what they want to buyers such as the Amazon France site which offers a Exclusive Astronomer Hat or the one from Germany that offers a cape.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

The game’s Community Manager said that more information on this would be released very soon. This article will therefore be updated as soon as possible, hoping for more details on the PS exclusive quest.

What are the PC requirements to play Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy? Here is all the necessary information: recommended graphics card or even the minimum processor required to be able to take full advantage of it.

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