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Marouane Chamakh looks back on the feat of the Atlas Lions at the 2022 World Cup


Former Moroccan international Marouane Chamakh benefited from an interview with Canal Plus Sports Africa to congratulate the national football team on its achievement at the 2022 World Cup. He said he was pleasantly surprised to see the level reached by the Moroccan selection during this international tournament.

I would be lying to you if I told you that I was not surprised to see them reach the semi-finals. Yes of course. I’m surprised, frankly. I thought maybe they were going to break chickens but they still had to create the exploit. But what they did is just exceptional. – Marouane Chamakh

The Atlas lions surprised everyone, especially the Jewish community in Morocco. Many were cheering them on.


they represented Morocco, the Moroccan diaspora, Africa, the Arab world, the Muslim world. I was surprised to see a lot of countries behind Morocco. – The ancient lion of Atlas.


Chamakh also addressed a word to Moroccan coach Walid Regragui, congratulating him for having fulfilled his role as coach and leader to perfection.

The players were fighting for Morocco, for their family… but you see they were also fighting for their coach. I think the message he conveyed may have transcended them, motivated them. I’m also happy for him because it wasn’t easy to take over the team three months before the World Cup. – Marouane Chamakh

The article is in French

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