Morocco and its Atlas Lions invited by Conmebol?

After the unforgettable World Cup, Qatar 2022, which saw the exploit of Morocco and the coronation of Argentina by Messi, the time has come for the different nations to prepare to compete at continental level.

In South America, Argentina will have to defend their title between June and July 2024. Being composed of only 10 teams, the South American Confederation (CONMEBOL) has a habit of inviting “non-CONMEBOL” teams to take part in the tournament. Its objective is to complete the 3 pools of 4 teams in order to avoid odd pools as in the previous edition (2 pools of 5 teams).

This is how in 2019, for example, CONMEBOL invited Qatar and Japan to come and play South American football.

Initially scheduled in Ecuador, the president of the Ecuadorian football federation announced that his country was unable to organize the competition. The latest information speaks of advanced discussions between CONMEBOL and CONCACAF (Confederation of North and Central America) for this cup to be played in the United States with 16 teams. A rehearsal for Uncle Sam before the 2026 World Cup which, we remember, will be played in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

First scheduled in 2023, the year 2024 stems from CONMEBOL’s choice to organize the Copa America in even years from 2024, giving rise to a balance of the international calendar with the other confederations, except the African.

The event will take place between June and July 2024 and according to rumors, Morocco and its Atlas Lions, semi-finalists of the recent World Cup, would be strongly expected to participate in the 48th edition of the Copa America as guests of honour.

The CAN is now played in odd years, Morocco could thus take advantage of this “rehearsal” to prepare for the CAN 2025 and the World Cup 2026. The Cherifian Kingdom should be accompanied by another African country, Senegal for example.

Remember that since 1993, CONMEBOL has invited two non-American teams to participate in the competition, although they belong to other confederations. The selections of the CONCACAF (North America), are moreover those which are most often invited because of the geographical proximity.

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