Automotive: NEO, a 100% Moroccan car brand soon on the market

Kiosk360. The very first 100% Moroccan car will enter the market in the coming months. Baptized NEO, it already promises to find buyers in view of its many advantages. This article is a press review taken from the daily L’Economiste.

It was the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, who made the announcement: the national automobile industry is preparing to reveal the very first 100% Moroccan car brand. The information is reported by the daily the Economist in its edition of Wednesday, November 23 and we already know the name of the newborn: NEO. “This 100% Moroccan vehicle will be revealed in a few months,” said the minister.

Regarding the state of progress of this unprecedented project, the car has already undergone all the static and dynamic tests with success. It has even been certified, in Morocco but also abroad, and its approval is in progress.

With gasoline engine, less bulky and raised, the vehicle will be marketed at around 170,000 dirhams. Maintenance and spare parts should not be a problem since everything will be produced entirely by Moroccan factories and equipment manufacturers. The vehicle will “easily find a buyer with an urban clientele, young first-time buyers, communities, company fleets, the police… This means that commercial success is guaranteed”, indicates the daily.

The government also says it is following very closely the NamX vehicle running 100% on green hydrogen and designed by Franco-Moroccan Faouzi Annajah. “This vehicle is one of the Moroccan brands that we want to support to develop production, design, technology”, announces Minister Ryad Mezzour, quoted by the Economist.

The projected production of green hydrogen on which Morocco is positioned can only promote the development of such a project. As it will boost the economic growth of the Kingdom and the decarbonization of its industry. It will also make it possible to strengthen the security of its supply of energy and non-energy inputs.

One thing is certain: with such ambitions, Morocco, which already plays in the big leagues in the automotive sector (700,000 cars produced annually and the ambition to increase to 1 million vehicles per year from 2026), will further consolidate its leadership and its ability to project itself into a future where “Made in Morocco” will undoubtedly be an international benchmark.