A woman plays the flute with her vagina

A woman plays the flute with her vagina
A woman plays the flute with her vagina

The viewers gathered in front of France has an incredible talent on M6 this Tuesday, November 8 attended a sequence for the less particular at the end of the broadcast. It was Karine Le Marchand who arrived on stage first to ask the spectators under 18 present in the room to leave. “The number we are going to see is not suitable for their chaste eyes”, justified the host. She said, however, that the upcoming issue was “awaited for years”.

Beatrice McQueef, a 40-year-old Australian, then took the stage. “In life, I am a gynecologist but I am also a rather special musician. I play music with my body, ”she warned in the portrait broadcast before her arrival before the jury of the artistic program.

“Something entertaining”

Neither one nor two, the forties fell the skirt, ending up in her underwear. She then inserted a flute into her sex before turning around, her legs balanced on two chairs. Then she started playing. Brother Jacques. For viewers, the production hid the vagina of the quarantine behind a cat emoji throughout the sequence.

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Quickly, Hélène Segara and Sugar Sammy quickly buzzed the performance while Marianne James and Éric Antoine were hilarious. After her performance, the Australian explained that she discovered her talent by practicing gymnastics in a circus when she was younger. During her numbers, she regularly made “farts de foune”, an expression translated into English not “queef” from which she takes her pseudonym.

She said again that she realized that there was nothing to be embarrassed about. “I thought I could use it and do something entertaining with it. »

Eliminated for the semi-final

Given the division of the jury, it was the public who had to decide the fate of the candidate for the next stage of the show. His musical number probably did not convince the audience since the adventure stops at this brief passage for Beatrice McQueef.

The sequence also sparked many comments on social networks, Internet users separating into two distinct camps. The first made up of those who think that this type of number has no place, and the other of those who are delighted to have now “seen everything” on French television.

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