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this scene too gory for the MCU was cut during editing (video)

When fans learned that the director of Doctor Strange 2 would be Sam Raimi and not Scott Derrickson (director of the first film in the trilogy), they had immediately imagined that this sequel was going to have a very pronounced horrific tone. Finally, the feature film turned out to be disturbing, slightly scary, but nothing too bad! However, according to the filming of a gore scene unveiled by Liang Yang, the stunt coordinator, the film could clearly have been banned for the youngest, even those under 17 in the United States.

a gore scene with scarlet witch

In this scene which did not end up in the final cut of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Scarlet Witch unleashes her rage and fury in a real bloodbath! La video above shows Wanda Maximoff surrounded by warriors from the Kamar-taj. She in decapitates one, then uses his headless corpse to impale to assassinate his fellow… A real bloodbath in fashion Game Of Thrones, which could never have ended up in an MCU film (or so, in the Multiverse). Already thatit is the first film to receive the PG-13 rating (prohibited for children under 13) in the United States, we can consider that this is a first step for Marvel Studios in the direction of more adult content. Cult horror filmmaker Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, To Hell) still managed to stage the assassination of several superheroes by a woman gone mad and a possessed corpse flying into battle with the help of demons, among others!

And this deleted scene is not not the only evidence that the movie originally had much gorier content than the one we discovered in dark rooms. Indeed, in the film’s audio commentary, screenwriter Michael Waldron reveals that a version of Evangeline Lily’s Wasp was originally supposed to be part of the Illuminati, thus being killed like the rest of the team!

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