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Rumors about Princess Leonor and Moulay El Hassan

Rumors about Princess Leonor and Moulay El Hassan
Rumors about Princess Leonor and Moulay El Hassan

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A jewel arouses suspicion: the court between Princess Leonor and the Prince of Morocco?
Daughter of Kings Wears Mysterious Necklace With the Word ‘Love’ Written in Arabic and Fuels Rumors

The King and Queen of Spain visited the Cartuja de Valldemossa this Monday, August 1. Accompanied by their daughters, the Princess of Asturias and the Infanta Sofía, they performed the traditional pose every summer, taking advantage of the visit to Valldemossa that they made on that first afternoon of August.

This meeting with the press became the first official act in which the four members of the royal family have been seen together since their arrival in Mallorca. The summer holidays of the King and Queen of Spain are always accompanied by a multitude of public events, a program that began with the reception by Felipe VI at the Almudaina Palace of the authorities of the region.

But this already traditional summer hostel for the entire royal family has brought an unsuspected “hangover”. The spotlight was on the heiress of Spain, the Princess of Asturias, and she wore a short pale pink dress with straps, an outfit that made it easy to see a striking pendant she wore with the word “love” written in Arab.

From that moment, as verified by Periodista Digital, in circles close to the Royal House, speculations and questions began to skyrocket. The intimate friendship between Leonor and a young Brazilian with whom she was linked is well known. A young man a year her senior. The Brazilian boy, who was pictured upon their arrival from Wales, was linked to the Princess. Could it be a gift from Leonor’s friend and partner?

It may be so, but the clichés of the speculations, some sources consulted by PD deem them “malicious”, suggest that the message could be addressed to Moulay Hassan, the son of King Mohamed VI and heir to the Moroccan throne, a young man who allegedly gave the necklace to his ‘royal’ partner.

Is this just speculation and rumour, or is there something more? The sources consulted by Periodista Digital downplay some digital publications or blogs that claim that Princess Leonor’s message of love was directly addressed to the son of Mohamed VI. But they do not exclude it out of hand.

It is unknown if the two had private but digital encounters, as El Español recently made a comparison of the two heirs and assured that they were something like kindred spirits:

“The Princess of Asturias and Prince Moulay Hassan of Morocco have more in common than you might think. Born two and a half years apart, both are called to be king of their country, they are the heirs to the throne of their country and are first in the order of succession because they are the first-born of kings.

“But, beyond the obvious, there is something that directly connects these two young royals, whose dynastic destinies are the same, but whose childhood and adolescence were radically different. An unexpected union that transcends after years of exhaustive analysis of the gestures, gestures and behavior of princes in public, as well as some information and also expert opinions from the Spanish and Alawite Royal House. Leonor and Moulay live, act and interact under the influence of their mothers. Local journalists who are experts on the first Alawite family affirm that the figure of the sovereign’s ex-wife is decisive in the personal and institutional decisions of his son”.

Periodista digital, 08/16/2022

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