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Sleeper is a superhero thriller, and the first major collaboration from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. Although it takes place in the Wildstorm universe, the title remains accessible.

Urban Comics had the good idea to start their album with the Point Blank miniseries.
It’s a great introduction to the Wildstorm particular the criminal part.
Indeed, Cole Cash – the famous Grifter – is looking for who tried to assassinate John Lynch, head of a secret organization. The investigation takes the hero to the depths. The plot is grippingeven if it remains a little predictable. The designs are the work of Colin Wilson and are particularly good. However, the very Franco-Belgian style could disturb comic book fans.

Point Blank mainly introduces the character of Holden Carver who is the protagonist of the Sleeper series. Carver is an undercover agent within a powerful crime syndicate. The noose is tightening around him, and he has no way out. Lynch, in a coma, is indeed the only man who knows he is on the safe side.

Ed Brubaker writes a thriller in a superheroic universe. The charismatic Carver is caught in the crossfire, and his cover hangs by a thread. The gallery of secondary characters is striking. Madame Malheur is a femme fatale with a tragic past. Tao is an intelligent and, above all, devious villain.
The drawings by Sean Phillips reinforce the dark, almost gloomy atmosphere of Sleeper. The fights are brutally violent and the cutting very successful.

This first volume of Sleeper is a great success. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips deliver a brilliant thriller. I can’t wait to read the sequel and end in volume 2.

By Nico and the Temple of the Geek

The article is in French

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