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Nana Mouskouri very weakened, she would no longer leave her home

Nana Mouskouri very weakened, she would no longer leave her home
Nana Mouskouri very weakened, she would no longer leave her home

Sometimes it feels like fate is struggling. This is what Nana Mouskouri must surely have been thinking for several months. After isolating herself to protect herself from the Covid-19 epidemic, the singer faces a new blow. As explained France Sunday in the issue of this Friday, September 23, the interpreter of Pleasing lovevery weakened, would hardly leave his home in Geneva, Switzerland.” A situation reinforced by the disappearance on September 14 of actress Irène Papas, with whom Nana Mouskouri had forged very strong ties of friendship.

It is powerless that Nana Mouskouri witnessed the progression of the disease in her great friend. Irène Papas had Alzheimer’s, a scourge that unfortunately many celebrities rub shoulders with too closely, like Mr. Pokora or Laury Thilleman. As the weekly states, “Nana Mouskouri will have witnessed the long decline of her friend, to whom she had dedicated in 1968, a song entitled Erini [Irène en grec, ndlr].”

In pain and in ordeal, Nana Mouskouri nevertheless has a major support: her husband and producer André Chapelle. Thanks to him, the artist forges ahead and tries to keep up his morale, which is so difficult to preserve. The one who until then found comfort in music even seems to have lost interest in song.

In a daily interview Progress in 2021, Nana Mouskouri did not hide having lost her energy and her determination: “With everything that’s going on, with the news, it doesn’t make you want to sing. Because singing is also an exchange, a sharing of feelings. […] The situation is so sad, with the health crisis that we have gone through on a global scale, that the desire was no longer there.“Her fans are only waiting for one thing: for Nana Mouskouri to come back on stage to offer them this great comeback they have been hoping for for a long time. Because they too need her more than ever…

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