Married at first sight: Alicia and Bruno will participate in another show!

Married at first sight: Alicia and Bruno will participate in another show!
Married at first sight: Alicia and Bruno will participate in another show!

In Married at first sight 6, viewers met Bruno and Alicia. And the least we can say is that the two spin the perfect love together. They will also participate in a new show.

A Married at First Sight couple that lasts

Several months ago, fans of Married at first sight met Bruno and Alicia. The two met on the M6 ​​show and spin the perfect love since they met.

While most Married at First Sight couples break up, the story between Alicia and Bruno continues to unfold over time. The two had a real crush on each other.

In a few weeks, they will also celebrate the 1 year of their marriage. A very important step that is close to their hearts. The two lovebirds have also decided to move in together.

They opted for the south of France to continue their beautiful love story. The young woman also confided: “We are old enough to create a family, after that we give ourselves time”.

The Married at First Sight candidate also pointed out: “In any case, this year, we want to experience things as a couple”. They had all the same mentioned a few worries about fitting them together.

A new project for M6

For his part, Bruno of Married at first sight said: “It’s going well but… I’m too demanding, orderly, calculating because I have a lot of time. With Alicia, no man died .

Before continuing: “It takes time to get used to it. We don’t necessarily have the same automatisms, we don’t necessarily have the same vision of everything.. The two have decided to embark on an incredible new project.

Our colleagues from Nice Matin have unveiled an interview with the two candidates of Married at first sight. The two have made confidences about their couple. But not only.

They indicated that they were going to come back to M6. Indeed, they will soon participate in a new show. Bruno revealed: “In the next few days, we will also go on M6 .

Before adding also: “We were invited to judge the dishes of Objectif Top Chef”. A great opportunity for Married at First Sight candidates. Fans are eager to find them in the program.

“I learned about the compatibility in mid-June”

While waiting to learn more about their arrival in the program, Bruno and Alicia gave some information about their lives. Last July, they spoke about their participation to Married at First Sight.

Bruno told DKL radio: “I learned about the compatibility mid-June. And I announced it to my parents at the end of June, beginning of July, so two weeks. Two weeks thinking, not sleeping. […] It was complicated for me .

For her part, the candidate of Married at first sight revealed: “I got the announcement earlier. So I had to wait a month and a half before telling my parents..

Before emphasizing: “It made me very, very bad to see them, to know that. And not tell them. […] The day I told them I was going to get married, they took it very well .

Alicia (Married at First Sight) also said: “That’s where I really felt in the experience” .

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