Marie Portolano, end of story?

Marie Portolano, end of story?
Marie Portolano, end of story?

Landed on the channel a year ago, Marie Portolano risks having to put away her sports journalist cap at M6…

Marie Portolano has many reasons to celebrate. On the verge of giving birth to her second child, the former presenter of the Canal Football Club sees The new season of the Best Pastry Chef chain the pretty results of audience, with scores exceeding two million viewers and a status of leader on the women responsible for household purchases.

The director of the very noticed “I’m not a slut, I’m a journalist” is also working on a new documentary, this time dedicated to violence against women, whether physical or psychological. This new committed documentary should be broadcast next spring despite the maternity leave that awaits it.

We can’t lose two million every night

On the other hand, we could no longer see Marie Portolano at the animation of 100% Foot. The M6 ​​Group has indeed decided to reduce the costs and the magazine which usually follows the Europa League matches broadcast by W9 no longer has the right of citizenship, unless one of the clubs has had a (very) good European career. engaged. And tonight, the France-Autiche Nations League match will be the last meeting of the Blues broadcast by M6.

The sixth chain has indeed decided, there too, to stop the costs. ” You have to wonder about the price of football: on a match that costs more than three million euros and generates one million in advertising revenue, you lose two million euros! It’s good for the audience and the image, but we can’t lose two million every night “, recently confided Nicolas de Tavernost in the columns of Télérama.

As for the Europa League, it should also disappear from the antennas of the M6 ​​group at the start of 2024, Canal +, which will become the sole broadcaster from 2024, not counting on sub-licensing the slightest poster.

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