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“Your Photos With Taehyung Are Already Exposed” Gurumi Posts Photo Of Jennie In A Tub After The Idol Blocks Her Followers

Gurumi keeps posting alleged photos of Jennie and V to fight back!

As more alleged intimate photos of Jennie and V leak daily, and agencies still fail to respond, fans have taken responsibility to protect their idols.

After the hacker leaked unseen photos, several fans accused him of manipulating them. In response, he threatened to leak even more intimate photos of the two singers and then named Lee Joo Hyung, implying that the model is behind these leaked photos.
Lee Joo Hyung was apparently a mutual friend of V and Jennie.

He even reportedly followed Jennie to Jeju Island. Some even claimed that he was the person who took pictures of the two idols there.

Shortly after, Jennie had blocked all of her followers on her private Instagram account and then unfollowed all of the accounts she followed. Among them was that of Lee Joo Hyung.

Netizens are worried about Jennie after she allegedly blocked all followers of her private Instagram account lee joo hyung

Gurumi Haribo retaliated against the BLACKPINK member’s action by crossing the line and leaking an alleged photo of the female idol in a bathtub.

** K-SELECTION NB: We will not share the full image that has been leaked and we do not want our readers to seek it out. We also want international fans to stop talking to Gurumi or joining her chat. We express our solidarity with Jennie. This article is for informational purposes only and is intended to reflect what is reported in the Korean media.


According to a screenshot of Gurumiharibo’s chat room, he wrote: “Jennie can unfollow everyone except your photos with BTS’s Taehyung (V) have already been exposed. A little too late now. Here is Jennie taking a bath in a tub.”

“Your Photos With Taehyung Are Already Exposed” Gurumi Posts Photo Of Jennie In A Tub After The Idol Blocks Her Followers

Apparently he was also “frustrated” after fans claimed he didn’t have this photo when he threatened to share it a few days ago.

Although the photo remains to be verified, Korean netizens compared the photos with other selfies and images of Jennie and concluded that the angles were identical, especially the shape of her ear, however they expressed how dehumanizing it is. . International fans, on the contrary, believed that the photo had been retouched.

jenny paris france

Fans continue to express their anxieties over YG Entertainment still failing to take steps to protect Jennie’s privacy.

Previously, Gurumiharibo claimed that management agencies YG and HYBE “ wouldn’t dare to do anything because he had already contacted them.

Financial Report- Stock prices of YG and HYBE fell slightly after V and Jennie rumor

Exclusive news from JTBC News, a reputable Korean outlet, reported that V attended a VIP party during the release of the album “BORN PINK“. According to insiders, V stayed in his corner and “played the role of a caring boyfriend”.

When the news agency attempted to connect with their businesses, a representative said they were unaware of the evening.

The article is in French

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