Netizens Worried About Jennie After She Allegedly Blocked All Followers From Her Private Instagram Account

Fans have discovered that BLACKPINK’s Jennie has blocked all followers on her allegedly private Instagram account.

On September 20, Jennie was reportedly seen blocking all followers of her allegedly well-known private Instagram account @capybaraonly.

The singer recently revamped the list of followers on her private account by removing 87 followers, including acquaintances, celebrities and close entertainment industry officials. His “subscriptions” list, which had 120 people, dropped to 0.

Netizens are worried about Jennie after she allegedly blocked all followers of her private Instagram account lee joo hyung

Jennie’s decision appears to be the result of her photos being recently leaked. In fact, Jennie blocked the knowledge that hacker GurumiHaribo mentioned as the source of the leak.

GurumiHaribo, who leaked several alleged photos of V and Jennie, mentioned “tw*****rother” several times, saying “this is the person who can answer your questions”, “the one who takes the pictures in Jeju” addressing the fans of the two idols.

jennie v bts twozoobrother

He even posted a photo of himself taken with Jennie and her cat when she still had orange hair, and a photo of him walking with V in July 2022.

BLACKPINK's Jennie I don't think I'll ever have a vacation

Gurumi said: What I mean: I mentioned this person several times, the first time at the end of August. If what I say is wrong or if the pictures aren’t true, he could have released a statement as fans constantly bombard him with messages and comments on social media. So far he’s been silent, like YG and Hybe.”

  • Who is this mutual friend of V and Jennie?

Since 2014, V has been friends with Lee Jong Hyung. He is also close to Jennie and has been seen frequently with her in various locations.

jennie lee joo hyung v bts twozoobrother friends
The BLACKPINK member’s manager and her friend Jung Hoyeon from “Squid Game” are also part of Lee Jong Hyung’s circle of acquaintances.

jennie lee joo hyung v bts twozoobrother
Lee Jong Hyung is a well-known model and influencer in South Korea. His Instagram account was also hacked. Recently Jennie blocked it.

For the past few months, Jennie has been embroiled in romance rumors with V of K-pop boy group BTS after alleged photos of the two were shared online.

ARMYs ask HYBE to protect V as photo hacker promises next one will be of him and Jennie kissing

The first photo was taken at a beauty salon as V got his hair done before his flight to Paris, France.

Since then, more photos of the two on Jeju Island have leaked online, while the two singers’ agencies continue to keep the rumors quiet.

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Many netizens have now started voicing their concerns about Jennie on Korean online communities. They wrote

  • To be honest, she has to endure such negative comments from the public, it must have been hard on her mentally…
  • I can’t even imagine the amount of stress Jennie is going through. I feel so bad for her.
  • International Fans Follow Jennie’s Private Account In Real Time And They Said She And Lee Joohyung Don’t Follow Each Other At The Same Time Anymore
  • I think she decided to empty her private account before others tried to hack into it.
  • It was hacked again the day before yesterday. The hacker mentioned the name of Lee Joo Hyung, who is actually a mutual friend of V and Jennie
  • I feel really bad for Jennie
  • I’m really worried about Jennie…I can’t even imagine how she feels
  • Seriously, hackers are bad… It’s been a few months already
  • Jennie is seriously so pitiful
  • People are always talking about Jennie’s private account this, private account that, that’s why she deleted it. You should be the first to stop discussing it
  • And the person who followed Jennie to Jeju? People say this guy could also be Lee Joohyung. And he was the one who took the picture of V kissing Jennie
  • I think she will delete her private account since everyone is talking about it. So she has nowhere to go. You too should mind your own business,
  • I’m really worried about Jennie. It’s really scary. Imagine the photos you didn’t want to post get hacked and leaked, and then the whole world insults you.

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