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Ukraine begins 2022 maize harvest, minister says

Ukraine begins 2022 maize harvest, minister says
Ukraine begins 2022 maize harvest, minister says

The minister said in a statement that the maize yield was 4.41 tonnes per hectare.

The minister said that Ukraine could harvest 25-27 million tons of maize this year compared to 42.1 million tons in 2021 and that the Russian invasion was the main reason for the drop in the harvest.

Ukraine is a major global cereal producer and exporter, but is expected to see a significant drop in production this year, falling to around 50 million tonnes from a record 86 million tonnes in 2021, due to the invasion.

The minister said farmers had harvested a total of 26.1 million tons of grain from 61 percent of the sown area in 2022 as of September 23, and the average grain yield was 3.84 tons per hectare.

He said the country had completed its 2022 wheat harvest with a production of 19.2 million tonnes in bunker weight and a yield of 4.1 tonnes per hectare.

Farms also harvested 5.5 million tonnes of barley from 100% of the area and 250,700 tonnes of peas from 98% of the area planted.

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